Influencer Marketing/PR

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You can collaborate with influencers to create buzz about your brand online!

Influencer marketing is a powerful way for brands to boost their organic reach on social media.

With a carefully executed influencer campaign, you can:

  • Increase brand awareness

  • Build rapport with your target audience

  • Acquire the rights to high-quality user-generated content

  • Reach both broad and narrow demographics of consumers to maximize conversions

Our influencer marketing process

Learn about our agency’s influencer marketing process below:

1. Set campaign objectives and KPIs

Before beginning the research process, we establish a goal for the campaign so we can select the influencers who are the best fit.

2. Research and analyze influencer profiles

We find influencers with highly engaged audiences who match the client’s target market.

3. Negotiate with influencers and sign contracts

Our team handles all negotiations with influencers.

4. Execute campaign

We track each influencer’s progress to make sure all required posts are completed.

5. Review KPIs and measure the success of the campaign

Our team sends the client a monthly report that shows the analytics of each post in the campaign. Based on the report, we tweak our strategy for future campaigns.

What you get with our influencer marketing package

Our influencers will make your brand the star of the show.
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