Heyday Marketing | 9 AI Marketing Tools that will transform the way you work
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Heyday Marketing | 9 AI Marketing Tools that will transform the way you work

9 AI Marketing Tools that will transform the way you work

As artificial intelligence or AI continues to be refined and developed, virtually all industries are finding ways to use AI. The possibilities for AI in marketing are no exception, and the kinds of AI marketing tools available keep expanding. 

One of the things that have marked technology in marketing is that advancements in things like AI marketing tools help to create still more AI marketing tools. The process keeps compounding on itself, and it can be difficult to keep up. 

AI marketing tools can help with just about every aspect of modern marketing techniques. AI is making massive contributions to things like content creation. It is also helping business owners fine-tune and optimize the marketing tools they already have in place. 

What are AI marketing tools? What are the benefits of AI marketing tools? And why should you use AI marketing tools? This guide will provide an overview of some of the top features of AI marketing tools. 

What are AI Marketing Tools?

There are an increasing number of systems available to companies that can take over basic marketing tasks like content generation, customer service, data analytics, and all the various features of online optimization. These tools use artificial intelligence to perform tasks that could only be done by a human. 

AI can, for example, respond to customer questions and concerns with content and responses that appear human. Rather than having a set of questions in a menu with a prescribed set of answers, customers can now articulate their specific concerns and receive responses that directly address these concerns all generated by an AI system that can learn from these interactions. 

In essence, AI makes it possible to perform a multitude of marketing tasks in real-time without the involvement of a real human. 


AI Marketing Tools Benefits

What drives the increasing reliance on AI in marketing and other fields is speed and efficiency. AI systems make it possible to analyze massive amounts of data from social media, email, and the web and turn that data into useful marketing tools. There is simply no other way to transform that amount of data online into practical strategies without things like AI systems. Some of the benefits of AI marketing tools include:

Automated decision making

AI marketing tools make it possible to automate certain data-based judgments. When it comes to defining online strategies and understanding patterns on the web, data is everything. Accumulated data from online interactions with your website, social media, and other online channels make it possible for you to see how things are working and how to move your marketing techniques in an optimal direction. AI makes it possible to automate data analysis and decisions based on data analysis. 

Saves time and money

Marketing strategies and plans are always operating on a budget. And it can be a struggle to balance the cost of marketing against the return on that investment. AI marketing tools have proven to be not only a great investment but also a tool to bring down costs on all aspects of the marketing budget. By making it possible to streamline marketing systems with AI-assisted tools, all features of marketing can run more efficiently. Companies can reduce their labor costs by turning many of the tasks performed by humans over to AI systems. These same systems also reduce the likelihood of human errors that are also costly. 

Personalized customer service in real-time

What customers want most is to know that someone on your end is personally dealing with their questions and concerns. To have a direct and personalized approach to customer service is always the best way to handle this end of your business. AI marketing systems can take over this end of online business without having a human on staff to complete the process. 

This AI-assisted predictive analysis makes it possible for AI customer service to instantly analyze a customer’s language and provide answers to their questions that are personalized and effective. AI tools also make it possible to understand and predict consumer online behavior so you can anticipate customer needs. 

You can think of the way Google, Netflix, and Instagram all know how to direct users to other things that may interest them. Your company can use these same tools to direct your customers to other products and services. 

Great return on investment

AI-assisted marketing tools combine the benefit of having employees who have advanced knowledge of online data analytics with workers who can spend long hours doing nothing but handling customer service. While the initial investment can be daunting, the return on this investment is great.

AI marketing tools provide deep customer insights even as they do the often tedious work of endlessly responding to these customer insights. The long-term payoff for AI marketing tools is that you will no longer spend money on a wide range of both complex and basic marketing processes.  

Why should I use AI Marketing Tools?

The reasons you should use AI marketing tools are compelling. Some of these include:

Marketing insights on customer data

Data and data tracking are the bedrock of effective marketing strategies. Nothing can compare to the capabilities of AI data tracking and data analysis. AI can analyze and process data on a scale no other system can approach, and AI can convert this data analysis into usable strategies. There are four key kinds of data that AI can track, analyze, and use:

  • Basic data: Demographics, customers’ names and contact information, gender, location, ethnicity, and email addresses. 
  • Engagement data: The type of data defines how people are using your services and whether or not they are following your social media. 
  • Behavioral data: Specific information on how your audience engages your brand, their purchase histories, subscription details, and free trial sign-ups. 
  • Attitudinal data: What customers think, their opinions of your company, including online reviews. 

All of these types are crucial insights into how you can formulate effective marketing strategies. 

Enhance customer experiences by creating personalized content

The most effective advertising is that which leverages marketing data that allows you to understand your customers completely. The more insights you have into how your customers think, the more effective your advertising will be. This same kind of insight allows you to create personalized messages for your existing customers. 

Things like targeting advertisements, customized emails, and interactive quizzes allow you to engage customers in the most direct and personalized ways. All of this leads to: 

  • A more satisfying customer experience
  • Increased customer loyalty
  • A better marketing ROI (return on investment)
  • More cost savings with a more-focused strategy
  • Better connections and relationships with customers

Minimize or eliminate human error 

It is a simple fact that people make mistakes. That said, mistakes and errors, even small ones, can have a negative impact on your marketing performance. AI can minimize many common human errors. Things like machine learning, natural language processing, and automation allow you to generate much of your content without the risk of human error. 

AI can read over things like email and be content for mistakes. This eliminates the need for an editor and streamlines the process of generating online content that is flawless. 

Improve data management and data quality 

Data collection amounts to little if it cannot be processed, analyzed, and stored properly. AI can 

9 AI Marketing Tools you must know

There are new AI marketing tools entering the market all the time. Nine of the most important AI marketing tools you must know about include:

#1 Tribescaler. 

This is an AI-powered hook generator. Tribescaler helps content creators for Twitter and Linkedin to generate irresistible hooks that will help make their tweets go viral. Tribescaler is designed to make hook-writing faster, easier, and more effective. It is designed to be intuitive with a hook library and AI-generated text. 

#2 Adext

Adext is the first ever online advertising supercomputer. It determines how to place your online ads in precisely the right places. ADext can manage and optimize your ads for Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Google automatically. This streamlines and optimizes all your advertising for maximum reach.  

 #3 Evolv AIEvolv.AI offers a platform and methodology that can automatically discover, personalize, and optimize multiple advertising and content forms across multiple platforms at the same time. No longer limited to things like A/B testing, Evolv.AI can generate advertising plans that can be tested on various channels automatically and simultaneously to gain the best possible reach for your marketing techniques. 

#4 Crayon.

Crayon is the highest-rated intelligence platform for tracking your competitors to provide insights for your own marketing team. All of this is achieved in real-time. Crayon allows you to track and monitor competitors’ website activities, marketing campaigns, product and pricing changes, and more.

#5 Super MEME.

 SuperMEME AI can generate memes that gain the most attention and stand out from other forms of marketing content. It is best suited to engage social media and places your content at the forefront of visible and shareable content. 

#6 DALL-E 2. 

DALL-E 2 is an open-source AI system that can generate realistic images and art from cues given in natural languages. It can vary styles and adjust them to specific concepts. 

#7 ChatGTP. 

ChatGPT is a language processing model that uses artificial intelligence that is capable of deep learning so that it can generate a conversational response that sounds human based on the massive amounts of data this type of AI is capable of processing

#8 MindJourney. 

MindJourney is an independent research lab that produces AI programs under its name. These programs can create images from textual descriptions in natural languages. Similar to DALL-E2, MindJourney is capable of generating some of the most unique and original images. 

#9 Orgininality 

AIThis is an AI tool that is specifically geared toward detecting originality in AI-generated content. It can detect plagiarism for web publishers and others who require original content free of publishing and copyright conflicts. 

Are AI Marketing Tools the future?

Some of the AI marketing tools you should look out for include things like:

Predictive Analytics: Right now, AI uses analytics to comb masses of data so it can optimize content and marketing strategies. Predictive analytics will allow AI systems to use existing data to formulate accurate projections of how users will behave based on past actions. It will literally predict future trends. 

Intelligent chatbots

Chatbots powered by AI will be capable of engaging in natural conversations that appear human. You will no longer need scripted responses to customer queries and questions. Intelligent chatbots will be able to respond to customers in real-time in a language generated from how online users speak.  

Personalized recommendations

AI will be able to identify individual preferences and offer recommendations that meet the specific desires of customers. AI systems will be able to analyze online user behaviors with such depth and complexity that they will be able to offer recommendations that are geared toward individual tastes.

Wrapping things up

Artificial intelligence is unlike any other technological advancement in that it makes possible its own growth. AI can help generate more sophisticated AI. This is why AI marketing tools are changing all the time. As we gain access to AI marketing tools, we gain access to more efficient and sophisticated ways of using these tools. 

Some of the AI marketing tools available now can do things that used to require hands-on attention. Things like content creation and image creation have always required people at some point in the process. With AI marketing tools, these processes are now fully automated.

What is more, the ways AI marketing tools can analyze data and make that data available for highly effective marketing strategies is unlike anything that has come before. These systems can handle data on levels that far exceed human capabilities. 

While it is true that the cost of some of these AI marketing tools can be high, the return on investment for these tools is just as high. HeyDay Marketing Services can help you get the most out of AI marketing tools for your business. Allow professionals to walk you through the possibilities of AI marketing tools.

-Author: Eduardo Moya.

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