Crew members

We have a growing team of over 30 creative professionals.

All our team members are well-versed in their areas of expertise, and they contribute to our agency’s innovative culture.

Here at Heyday Marketing, everyone has a voice, and every idea counts!

Maria Fernanda Graterol

Chief Executive Officer

Fun Fact: I was a journalist for 6 years before transitioning into my marketing career.

Eduardo Moya

Director of Business Development

Fun Fact: We help you make more money.

Samantha Warren

Director of Project Management

Fun Fact: I'm obsessed with office supplies.

Maria Fernanda Uribe

Account Executive

Fun Fact: I'm only 24 and I’ve lived in 3 different countries and 5 cities.

Jackie Zayas

Director of Public Relations

Fun Fact: I love Van Gogh’s paintings because of his innovative and unique artistic style!

Justin Del Busto

Marketing Executive

Daniela Zemanate

Web Developer

Fun fact: I love popcorn and horror movies

Daniela Narváez​

Web Developer

Santiago Prado​

Web Developer

María Camila Romero

Jr. Account Executive

Fun fact: I started my career as a journalist covering fashion weeks and I fell in love with the world of fashion!

Ivie Lopez​

Jr. Account Executive

Fun Fact: I’m a foodie that likes to take Insta worthy food pics!

Ivan Lora

Marketing Executive

Fun Fact: I live in Miami because I’ve experienced blizzards at -60

Dani Pérez​


Diana Nova

Content Creator

Fun Fact: I did Gymnastics for almost 12 years. My favorite event was floor and my Idol at the time was Carly Patterson.

Juliana Sabogal​

Art Director

Gabriel Suarez

Marketing Executive

Miguel Zulueta​

Lifestyle Miami Partner

Daniela Thoelke

Lifestyle Miami Partner

Sofía Vivas Casallas​

Community Manager

Jose Puerto

Art Director

Mary Seijas​

Art Director

Juliana Vera​

Web Team Director

Fun factI love to communicate ideas through art and music.

Andrea Alvarado

Reputation Manager

Fun factI’m the youngest in the company.

Nathalia Romero

Web Content Creator

Fun fact: addicted to Marvel and fries.

Marcela Osorio


Fun fact: orange is my favorite color, and I also love animals and nature.

Valentina Pérez

Copywriter and Community Manager

Fun fact: without sounding cliche, I'm a very happy person.

Gisella Torres

Copywriter and Community Manager

Fun fact: my heart is bigger than my size.

Verónica Gómez

Community Manager

Fun fact: I’m allergic to my favorite foods.

Leidy Gamboa

Community manager

Fun fact: I can’t eat without taking a picture of my plate

Eduardo Montoya

Community Manager

Fun fact: I can move my ears to the beat of any song

Laura Dominguez

Account Executive Jr.