Crew members

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We have a growing team of over 30 creative professionals.

All our team members are well-versed in their areas of expertise, and they contribute to our agency’s innovative culture.

Here at Heyday Marketing, everyone has a voice, and every idea counts!

Maria Fernanda Graterol

Chief Executive Officer

Fun Fact: I was a journalist for 6 years before transitioning into my marketing career.

Eduardo Moya

Director of Business Development

Fun Fact: We help you make more money.

Samantha Warren

Director of Project Management

Fun Fact: I'm obsessed with office supplies.

Maria Fernanda Uribe

Account Executive

Fun Fact: I'm only 26 and I’ve lived in 3 different countries and 5 cities.

Jackie Zayas

Director of Public Relations

Fun Fact: I love Van Gogh’s paintings because of his innovative and unique artistic style!

Justin Del Busto

Marketing Executive

Daniela Zemanate

Web Developer

Fun fact: I love popcorn and horror movies

Daniela Narváez​

Web Developer

Santiago Prado​

Web Developer

María Camila Romero

Jr. Account Executive

Fun fact: I started my career as a journalist covering fashion weeks and I fell in love with the world of fashion!

Ivie Lopez​

Jr. Account Executive

Fun Fact: I’m a foodie that likes to take Insta worthy food pics!

Ivan Lora

Marketing Executive

Fun Fact: I live in Miami because I’ve experienced blizzards at -60

Dani Pérez​


Diana Nova

Content Creator

Fun Fact: I did Gymnastics for almost 12 years. My favorite event was floor and my Idol at the time was Carly Patterson.

Juliana Sabogal​

Art Director

Miguel Zulueta​

Lifestyle Miami Partner

Daniela Thoelke

Lifestyle Miami Partner

Sofía Vivas Casallas​

Community Manager

Jose Puerto

Art Director

Mary Seijas​

Art Director

Juliana Vera​

Web Team Director

Fun fact: I love to communicate ideas through art and music.

Andrea Alvarado

Reputation Manager

Fun fact: I’m the youngest in the company.

Nathalia Romero

Web Content Creator

Fun fact: addicted to Marvel and fries.

Gisella Torres

Copywriter and Community Manager

Fun fact: my heart is bigger than my size.

Verónica Gómez

Community Manager

Fun fact: I’m allergic to my favorite foods.

Leidy Gamboa

Community manager

Fun fact: I can’t eat without taking a picture of my plate

Laura Dominguez

Account Executive

Fun Fact: I'm obsessed with Disney!