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Dr. Limon

South Dade Toyota


Explora Miami

The A group

Saga Miami

The Art of Golden

Ceviche Power


Kae Sushi

Fallen Heroes United

Butterflies Spa

AEC Media Solutions


Cif Express Usa

Gio Moros

Good Social Media Agency

Luja Apparel

MBO Dealer Financial

Miami Yachting

IIM Travel

Vipa Auto Detail Miami

Toytech Motors

Top Tier Florida

Pasapoga Restaurant

Maia Restaurant

JC Parts Corp

Holy Crab Delivery

El Colono Brand

Chimichurri Grill

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Media Dine | Grubhouse Gastrobar & Grill

Sunday Brunch | La Pizza

Ladies' Night | Sunset Yard

Summer Camp | Davie Ranch

Trailer | Twenty-Two Twenty-Two

Mixology | Maia House

Trailer | Executive Fantasy Hotels

Soul in Every Recipe | Kaori

Trailer | Champions Florida

The 5th Annual Snowball Gala Recap | La Liga Contra el Cancer

Super Bowl Trailer | South Dade Toyota

Back to School Event | Sharing is Caring

Collaboration with Valeria Orsini | South Dade Toyota

Trailer | Poke Life

Nicole Mejia Collaboration | South Dade Toyota

Pinto Collaboration | Champions Florida

Trailer | Silva's Painting

Testimonial - Elena | NF Sports

Trailer | Marina Kids

NFL Player Davon Godchaux Collaboration | Alpha Pro Detail

Special Events | Davie Ranch

Event Recap | Dr. Campos Wellness & Aesthetics

Tony Succar Collaboration |
Dr. Limon

Trailer | House of Death

Poke Bowl | Kae Sushi

Trailer | House of Death

Kelly Olynyk Collaboration | South Dade Kia

Headlight Restoration | VIP Auto Detail

Trailer | Wellington Fitness

Trailer | Yoju

Aroldis Chapman Collaboration | South Dade Toyota

Kelly Olynyk Collaboration | South Dade Toyota

Trailer | Del Toro Insurance

Trailer | Del Toro Insurance

Trailer | VIP Auto Detail

Raquetball Team | South Dade Toyota

Robert Is Here Homestead | South Dade Toyota

Jeep Intriga | Car X Depot

Trailer | Pink & Blue

Gabriela Isler | South Dade Toyota

Mascot Contest | South Dade Toyota

Mannequin challenge | South Dade Toyota

Comercial Del Toro

Influencer Campaign | South Dade Toyota