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Putting the Spotlight on
Coral Gables

How our full-service branding and content marketing helped Plaza Coral Gables launch and reach year one occupancy goals.


While Coral Gables is famous and well-known among locals in South Florida, travelers from outside the region know the area for Miami and South Beach. To build hype and excitement around the opening of Plaza Coral Gables, there was a need to capture the attention and interest of out-of-state travelers, companies, and investors. However, demonstrating the value of coming to Coral Gables compared to alternatives became an obstacle for the project’s developers.

Without a dedicated content strategy or ongoing support, they struggled to highlight the many phenomenal advantages of Coral Gables. They didn’t feature noteworthy attributes such as proximity to the airport and beaches, access to free transportation options, and active tourism and business industries in online or printed media. Potential tenants had no idea just how incredible their location was.

So — the team at Plaza Coral Gables reached out to HeyDay Marketing to help them present the new plaza to the world as a thriving area full of retail, business, and residential opportunities.


The Plaza Coral Gables is an exciting new business district and urban area that is both revitalizing the city and preserving the beauty and balance of its design. It features a 4.5 Star Loews hotel offering ideal meeting spaces for business, social, and other events, as well as street-level shops and restaurants, residential lofts and apartments, a 1-acre public plaza facing Ponce de Leon Blvd., and Ponce Circle Park.

The Plaza Coral Gables benefits its local community tremendously, from delicious dining options to creating recreational spaces for artistic expression, physical activity, or elegant relaxation. All in all, the Plaza Coral Gables will undeniably impact the area’s quality of life for years to come.


We’re Heyday Marketing — an award-winning Digital Marketing agency voted one of 2021’s Best Digital Marketing Agencies in Miami. We provide our clients with top-notch customer service, transparent communication, and expertise in scaling and improving their online efforts and results through 50 years of combined experience mastering Google, Facebook, and other major platforms.


Our team provided a comprehensive suite of marketing solutions to help Coral Gables and the new city plaza stand out among local cities, including:

Press releases

crafted to various media outlets to promote Plaza Coral Gables, its features, and its benefits.

Social media campaigns

aimed to engage potential investors and customers with promotional and value-driven content about Plaza Coral Gables.

Inaugural Mayors Ball

that we organized to bring together local officials, business leaders, and other vital stakeholders to celebrate the launch of the Plaza.

Magazine placement and editorial ad placements

secured in relevant magazines, along with coverage highlighting the unique features the project brings to the community.

Website development

to build a brand new website for Plaza Coral Gables that highlighted all its offerings and services in a user-friendly way.

YouTube video

showcasing the beauty and benefits of Plaza Coral Gables shared across social media platforms to reach a broad audience.

Our team provided a comprehensive suite of marketing solutions to help Coral Gables and the new city plaza stand out among local cities, including:


of office space capacity reached within six months

dining and entertainment space capacity reached within eight months

Now that it’s the premiere destination for residents and visitors, Plaza Coral Gables aims to have as close to 100% retail and customer-facing occupancy as possible to provide the ultimate in-person experience.

Moving into phase 3 of our collaboration, we look forward to helping Plaza Coral Gables reach new milestones as it becomes the talk of South Florida.

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