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Case Study

Heyday Marketing Boosts Multi-Location Dental Practice’s Lead Generation, Conversion, and Revenue

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About Heyday Marketing

We’re Heyday Marketing — an award-winning Digital Marketing agency voted one of 2021’s Best Digital Marketing Agencies in Miami. We provide our clients with top-notch customer service, transparent communication, and expertise in scaling and improving their online efforts and results. We bring over 50 years of combined digital marketing experience to the table and always strive to deliver the best possible results to our business partners.

We are certified Google and Facebook experts, as well as Shopify certified Partners, so look no further if you’re a business that needs to overhaul, optimize, and reprioritize your online marketing strategies. Our team of Miami-based industry-leading digital marketers is equipped with the tools, resources, and killer instinct necessary to enable success for your brand.

When you work with our Miami Social Media Agency Team at Heyday Marketing, you’ll gain an unfair competitive advantage in your industry and ultimately bring your brand to its Heyday.

About Our Client

Our client is one of South Florida’s premier dental care providers, servicing Miami, Hialeah, and Pembroke Pines with the finest oral care and customer service for the last 25+ years. Because of their emphasis on providing a fantastic patient experience, they’ve become highly rated on Google, Yelp, and other local listing directories and are touted for always prioritizing patient needs over everything else.

They service their patients by offering various options, including dental implants, prosthetics, endodontics, cosmetic dentistry, oral surgery, periodontics, and orthodontics. Our client is committed to providing industry-leading care to their patients so that they can live healthy, happy lives with big smiles on their faces.

Client Challenges

Despite having a positive online reputation and three stunning offices in central, convenient locations, our client struggled to develop a consistent pipeline of new leads in a younger demographic. Most patients were aged 45 or older, and they were having a hard time generating interest from leads aged 18-45 — their targeted, ideal customer persona. Their existing patient base loved them and referred anyone they could, but they lacked in the branding and marketing department to collect leads from marketing-driven external sources.

Overall brand awareness for our client was insufficient to build their pipeline with the types of leads needed, so they looked to the Heyday team for guidance. The main challenges they wanted to address and overcome were:

  • Aging Pipeline. Their goal was to increase pipeline activity with a younger demographic to build long-term patient relationships. Providing unforgettable and pleasant experiences for younger patients could ultimately lead to a lifetime of providing dental services to them, their friends, and their families.
  • Lacking Brand Recognition. They wanted to leverage online portals, directories, social media, newsletters, in-office promotions, etc., to differentiate their brand and drive engagement across their marketing channels.
  • Inconsistent Communication Practices. Their team occasionally would send updates via their email newsletters, but the cadence was irregular, and the content was not value-driven. It was time to make email communication timely, consistent, and worth reading.
  • Not Enough Client Reviews. While they had positive feedback anywhere you look online, they weren’t receiving reviews on a regular enough basis. More reviews build more credibility in their brand, so they wanted to increase the number of reviews generated while maintaining their positive reputation.
  • Average Patient Follow-Up Rates. With an aging demographic and minimal email communication to keep patients updated, they had difficulty getting patients to come back for additional services or follow-up appointments. By connecting with a younger audience and communicating more clearly, they could get more second visits and secure future business.

How We helped

Our team’s strategy required seven different custom-tailored solutions to yield the type of results we were targeting

  1. Search Engine Marketing (SEM). We built out their SEM strategy to include thoroughly optimized digital ad campaigns (Google PPC – Search and Display) with tight and highly targeted audiences. Before working with Heyday, our client would rarely launch PPC campaigns, and when they did, they would try to target too broad of an audience. By narrowing down the audience size and ideal demographic, we could find the right types of leads to fill our client’s calendars.
  2. Create Lookalike Audiences. Using our client’s email signup database, we were able to upload information to Facebook to create lookalike audiences that resembled or closely matched their ideal customer profiles. No more wasted efforts targeting the wrong types of patients who were either in the wrong zip codes or age demographics.
  3. Call Tracking for Quality Assurance. To improve upon their already fantastic customer experience, our team included call tracking and monitoring into their bundled services. This enabled their customer-facing team members to have smoother interactions with patients over the phone, and the recordings served as excellent training materials for new hires.
  4. Ran Retargeting Ads. Our team created social ads specifically retargeting potential leads who had previously engaged with our client’s online content. Whether someone had clicked a Facebook ad, an email newsletter link, a website header, or anything else, we had pixels in place to track as much data as possible. We were able to retarget to the appropriate audiences to maximize the ROI on paid ads.
  5. Email Drip Campaigns. To smooth out the delivery process for newsletters, company announcements, pricing changes, and so on, we implemented a simple but structured email drip campaign to automate their email communications. The offices could now stay in touch with their patients more frequently and with less manual input.
  6. Influencer Marketing. Our client’s primary goal was to become more recognizable and approachable to younger audiences, so we partnered with dental industry influencers on various social channels to speak to the benefits of working with our client over others.
  7. Review Generation and Reputation Management. Social proof is paramount to success online, so we made sure to focus on building up their reviews and reputation on local listings such as Google and Yelp.

Once the Heyday team implemented our solutions, we saw positive results almost instantly across the board. Take a look

Results/Outcome That’ll Make You Smile

Our client’s conversion and engagement metrics skyrocketed with all of our solutions in place. We saw a noticeable improvement in marketing ROI with increased lead conversions and lower costs per lead. Most importantly, our client’s phones were ringing off the hook. Here’s a breakdown of the tremendous results we generated with our marketing strategy:

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