Lead Generation

Especially in the digital age, lead generation is one of the most important business development strategies.

By setting up a strong lead generation system, you can attract new customers to your business organically.


A lead is anyone who has demonstrated interest in your products or services. Additionally, anyone who has signed up for your email list, followed your business on social media, or interacted with your ad campaigns is considered a lead.


Learn about our agency’s lead generation process below:

Our lead generation process

1. Lead capture

We collect information from the lead, including first name, email address, and other details that will be valuable for the lead segmentation process.

2. Lead magnet

We provide an incentive for prospects to give us their information. This could be free Wifi at a restaurant, a downloadable PDF with information on it, or anything that provides value to the target consumers.

3. Lead qualification

We categorize leads based on how likely they are to purchase from the client’s business.

4. Lead segmentation

Brands we work with

We segment leads based on their interests, behavior, and the way they interact with campaigns. Through the segmentation process, we can retarget consumers for better personalization in digital advertising and email marketing campaigns.

We’ll connect you with your target consumers faster than you can say “Blastoff!” Let’s get started!