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Local SEO for Franchises: What is it and how does it work?

A marketing plan is incomplete without search engine optimization for your company and your product. SEO is essential to get your brand noticed in web searches. We all know it is not enough to build a website and social media. SEO makes these online resources visible. SEO is standard work these days, but local SEO for franchises adds some tricky dimensions to the process. 

As a local business, you will need to make sure your company, product, and service come up in a local search for the kinds of keywords consumers are using. This is what makes local SEO slightly more focused than SEO more generally. 

Local SEO for franchises means you will need to find ways to strategically place keywords so that when someone searches for a business like yours in a local search, your business is at the top of the list. 

What is franchise SEO? Why is local SEO for franchises important? And how do you go about Local SEO for franchises? This guide will give you the basics of local SEO for franchises. 


What is Franchise SEO?

Local SEO for franchises is the process of optimizing your website so that it ranks high in searches for searches specific to your location. For example, if someone searches “hardware Miami, FL,” they will see your hardware store in the search engine results. 

Local SEO for franchises is different from SEO which seeks to rank a specific product or service. Local SEO seeks to rank this product or service and a location that is within the range of local searches. 

To get the most out of local SEO for franchises, you will need to focus on strategies that include geographic keywords in your online content. This will likely include title tags and meta-descriptions that contain keywords specific to your location. This strategy might also include local reviews and testimonials.   

Franchises usually have a built-in advantage because of the established brand. But to stand out, and to direct searches to particular locations, you will need carefully crafted local SEO. 


Why is Local SEO important for Franchises?

The main benefit of local SEO for franchises is that it helps direct customers to individual locations. When a customer searches for your franchise or something your franchise provides, local SEO will direct them to a location near their search area.

Franchises already have the advantage of brand recognition. Customers are happy to go to a different location for the franchise they are trying to find. But if they do not know there is a franchise location in the area where they are searching, they will likely go somewhere else. This can be frustrating when you have a franchise in that location.  

Local SEO for franchises will make sure customers are directed to your locations in specific areas. This makes it possible for people to find all locations with a simple search.


Strategies To Improve Local SEO For Franchises

To achieve the objectives of local SEO for franchises, you can use the following strategies:

List each different location in Google Maps

The first thing you will need to do is list all of your franchises on Google Maps. This connects each franchise location to the Google Maps system so that any search that connects the name of the franchise also connects to each location. With a few more clicks, users get both the location and directions.  

To do this, you need to register your locations on the Google Business Profile page. This used to be called Google My Business. The process is easy, and the page will walk you through the steps. You should have your franchise profile and all your locations on the Google Business Profile page already, but if you don’t, now is a good time to get up to speed on this. This begins the process of SEO and franchise locations. 

Leverage Online Directories

Using things like Yelp will increase the number of times each location is mentioned online. Directories and reviews sites like Yelp can make your brand and your franchise locations more visible. Make sure you list each location on Yelp. It is crucial that each location have its own profile. 

By increasing the number of times each franchise location is cited in online reviews and directories, you increase the likelihood that each location will come up in search engine rankings. Make sure to include accurate photos of your storefronts and products. 

List landing pages per location on your website

You can list location landing pages without endlessly reproducing duplicate content. When you publish more content, rather than the same content, you increase your rankings on search engines. Location landing pages also increase your performance for local searches. 

Franchise location landing pages should contain the same basic information about your business and brand, but each location landing page should have unique content that is tailored to that specific location. 

Use location-based keywords on your landing pages

Location-based keywords are one of the most effective methods for increasing your visibility in local search results. This is relatively simple. If you are a restaurant in Miami, Florida, you need to include the keywords “restaurant in Miami, Florida” in important online elements like tags, headings, and body copy. 

To accentuate these keywords, you can include landmarks, tourist destinations, and regional names in some of your keywords. This will link your franchise location with other popular destinations. 

This is one of the best strategies for local franchise SEO because customers frequently used Google and Bing as the first option when searching for businesses. While many people will search Yelp, just as many people will do a Google search first. 

Add location-specific schema to franchise locations

The schema code is structured data that can be included in the HTML code of your website. The schema code provides context and added information for search engines and can significantly boost your rankings. 

Schema codes for local franchises can include service hours, price range, reviews, and rankings. One study showed that only about one-third of businesses take advantage of the schema code for their SEO for local franchises.  

The schema code of local franchises is another method for increasing your visibility in local searches. It is also yet another way of directing users and customers to specific locations since the schema code also links to things like Google Maps. 

Ask Customers to Leave Reviews

Invite your customers to leave reviews for individual locations. Almost 85 percent of people rely on online reviews to help inform their decisions on local businesses. The value of customer reviews for individual locations cuts in both directions: customers will take stock of reviews for a specific location and decide to visit that location based on these reviews. At the same time, customers will wonder why there are no reviews for a location if there are none. 

Reviews for individual locations can boost rankings for these locations. These reviews increase the keyword frequency in search engine results. 


Franchise SEO Statistics

Local SEO for franchises translates into increased revenue, and those who do not pay attention to local SEO for franchises lose business to those who do. This is just a fact. Some of the statistics on local SEO for franchises can illustrate just how important this process can be. 

For Franchisors

A global survey reveals that SEO strategies are one of the most effective strategies for marketers. According to over 1500 marketers, 75 percent ranked SEO strategies as being either extremely effective or very extremely effective, making them the top marketing strategies. 

A survey conducted on Twitter found that 40 percent of those who responded found that organic searches, which are searches on unpaid search engine results, are the digital marketing strategy that brings the highest return on investment. 

A 2019 survey of marketing professionals found that 70 percent of them rated SEO as the most effective marketing strategy, and this strategy is more effective in generating sales than paid search ads. 

For Franchisees

As of 2021, 99 percent of consumers say they use the internet to find information about local businesses, and of that number, 21 percent say they search for local businesses every day. 

According to a 2019 survey, 74 percent of in-store shoppers said they searched online before going to the store. These shoppers also reported searching for specific items before visiting these shops. These consumers searched for things like locations near them, in-store stock, hours, wait times, and contact information.  

Google reports that 59 percent of consumers searched online before they made a purchase to ensure that they were making the best choice. 

More than 50 percent of consumers say they use Google to research a new product or brand. 


Local SEO for Franchises FAQS

What is Franchise SEO?

 Local SEO for franchises is the process of optimizing your website so that it ranks high in searches for searches specific to your location. For example, if someone searches “hardware Miami, FL,” they will see your hardware store in the search engine results. 

Why is Local SEO important for Franchises?

The main benefit of local SEO for franchises is that it helps direct customers to individual locations. When a customer searches for your franchise or something your franchise provides, local SEO will direct them to a location near their search area.

What are some strategies to improve local SEO for franchises?

List each different location in Google Maps, leverage online directories, list landing pages per location on your website, use location-based keywords on your landing pages, add location-specific schema to franchise locations, and ask customers to leave reviews. 


How can HeyDay Rank your Franchise locations? 

Proper and effective SEO can get complicated, and to make sure you are getting the search engine rankings that bring conversions, it is best to leave this to professionals. HeyDay Marketing Services can put into action every strategy for local SEO for franchises. To get the highest rankings and to place each franchise location in a local search, HeyDay Marketing Services can help you with each step toward local SEO for franchises. 

HeyDay Marketing can build SEO strategies that can increase your brand awareness, create loyal customers, and generate conversions. We can help you create SEO tactics that work for your product or service. 

When it comes to brand visibility, it is not enough for franchises to rely on brand names alone. You must also make sure each location is getting attention in organic web searches. HeyDay Marketing can formulate strategies that work with your budget and create the best return on investment for marketing campaigns and strategies. 

HeyDay Marketing Services offers several packages for you that will create SEO strategies and campaigns that work for your company. We understand that one size does not fit all. For sound marketing campaign strategies that take full advantage of the consumer trends and tendencies of the new year, allow HeyDay Marketing Services to create an integrated marketing strategy that maximizes new year marketing potential. 


Wrapping things up

The bottom line when it comes to local SEO for franchises is that brands that use these strategies and tactics gain customers and profits, and brands that do not use these strategies lose out. When we consider that over 90 percent of potential customers are beginning their searches with a simple Google search, you can begin to see that there is too much at stake to leave your brand and your franchises up to chance.

Not only do you need to perform SEO tactics on your brand name you also need to optimize these tactics for individual locations. Linking keywords to points of interest and landmarks in specific areas can boost your visibility and draw in customers. 

The process of local SEO for franchises can get complex. To make sure this is working for you and you are getting the most out of these strategies, you should trust professionals who understand SEO best practices and local SEO best practices. This is why HeyDay Marketing Services can be your best bet when comes to local SEO. 

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