The Ultimate Guide to Getting Results With SMS Marketing

Texting has become the number one mode of communication for those between the ages of 18 and 64. In the age of the smartphone, people prefer to text more than any other mode of communication. This is why texting is considered the best way to reach customers, and this is the reason businesses use SMS […]

PR vs. Advertising: What’s the difference?

Before you develop a marketing strategy, you need to make sure you have your basic terms straight. Public relations and advertising, though overlapping in some ways, are two different things. Working out PR vs advertising is essential to make sure your image and message come across correctly. Some people get a little confused when it […]

How can Social Proof drive more sales and customers to your business?

Few things speak to the value of your product or service than the fact that people are buying it. When others are using your service or buying your products, others follow along. The proof of our product or service is shown in its social validity among paying customers, and this is what is meant by […]

What are public relationships (PR) and how can it help my company?

As much as the focus for business in today’s market focuses on things like online visibility, much of your success still depends on some bedrock ideas. How you are perceived and your reputation will determine your success. Establishing some sound public relations strategies makes this happen.  Even if you have all the correct SEO data […]

How to optimize my Google My Business Categories in 2022

When you set up your Google My Business profile, you will be asked to choose from a long list of categories to describe your business. This is not just a description when it comes to Google searches. It is a definition that will direct the Goggle algorithm when customers search for something they need. It […]

Understanding and Managing Local Citations

In today’s market, you must get noticed online to be successful. Your business must have an SEO strategy that grabs attention on local Google searches and makes them visible on the internet. One of the most important elements of this kind of online visibility is local citations for online searches.  Local citations mean your business […]

A Guide on How to remove bad reviews from Google

Business owners understand that a bad review on Google is a real problem. Not only do people read these reviews, but Google takes reviews into account when it comes to search rankings. A bad review can do some serious damage to a small business. How to remove a bad review from Google is tricky.  The […]

A Guide to Local SEO Ranking Factors in 2022

We all know that business success requires that we make our businesses visible on the web. Long gone are the days when a simple advertising plan would suffice to bring name recognition for our product or service. To gain traction on the web, you need high-ranking SEO factors. Even more, 2022 brought some changes that […]

Customer reviews are more important than you may think, and here’s why

Let’s be honest, we’re increasingly trusting the internet to show us where to go and what to buy. The days of yellow pages and window shopping are over. The internet IS the new window shopping. Think about it. When we’re looking to try a new restaurant in the city or find the nearest mechanic, a […]