How Chatbots can Benefit Your Business


Chatbots act as an automated response team to engage with various types of messages received in a business. With the ability to add custom conditions (which can be different for every business), chatbots can respond to inquiries with important information using keywords from an interested customer’s message as conditions. Depending on what you choose your […]

Give a Full 3D Tour of Your Space

Whether it’s wide-angle shots of a high-rise apartment with a scenic view, a movie-like cinematic look of an indoor gallery embodied with beautiful art on its walls, or a full tour of the amenities and beauty of a resort by the beach, a stimulating and exciting space is what catches one’s eye for a longing […]

The Benefits of Audience Segmentation for Email Marketing

Emails have given marketers an exclusive platform to connect with customers on a more personal level. It remains one of the first to-dos at the beginning of a day for most people, making it utterly important to be part of their inbox for any company. While social media has become the most popular forms of […]

Instagram Shopping: Benefits of Creating a Seamless Customer Experience in One App

If you keep hearing about the wonders of omnichannel marketing through your entrepreneur friends and colleagues but fear that, as a small to medium retailer, it’s not for you, fear no more! Thankfully, technology has taken a large leap over the past few years and now allows businesses such as retailers to utilize tools available […]

Increase Audience Reach and Easily Run Viral Giveaways Using Vyper

Social media giveaways are a great way to win people’s attention. While it’s a marketing trick to hype attention, it proves to be more than just that on the business side of things. Not only does it put you much more vividly in your audience’s eyes (let’s be honest, everyone likes free things), but it […]

How To Write A Lead Email Nurture Sequence

A good email sequence can become a vital part of your marketing campaigns that may generate more sales than even social media. Mastering the art of writing a nurturing sequence can regularly convert sales, however, get it wrong, and you’ll butcher all the hard work it took to create your email list. A Lead Email […]

How an organization can use LinkedIn for networking

LinkedIn is world’s largest professional social media network out there. More than 30 million companies use the platform for business, especially for networking, recruiting, and hiring talent. LinkedIn’s professional environment and culture has created opportunities for its 760 million users to network, connect, and sell. Off late, LinkedIn is becoming a sales and marketing platform […]

How to use content pillars for your marketing channels

Have you ever struggled to think of social media posts, or do you constantly feel stuck thinking of topics to entertain your audience with? Content pillars are designed to avoid situations just like these. They are a great way to constantly create high-quality content that your audience most definitely will love, while staying organized and […]

3 helpful ways to leverage seasonal content

Seasonal content is a crucial aspect to keep a business relevant. Preparations for upcoming seasons usually start well in advance, in many cases, up to even two years earlier, especially if the nature of the content requires heavy production, like TV commercials. Changing weather and seasons, geographical holidays, cultural celebrations, amongst other factors throughout the […]

Color Psychology in Advertising and Marketing and What Each Color Means

Have you ever wondered why most fast-food restaurants use ‘red’ as the dominant color in their branding, or ‘blue’ in the case of insurance companies? Colors have a bigger significance in human psychology than just its looks and attractiveness. Each of them has attributes that trigger our minds to respond in a certain kind of […]